COVID-19 Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest information on COVID-19 and how it’s affecting things at Christenson. This page includes policy changes and important information for Christenson employees, plus helpful tips that everyone can use to stay safe during the outbreak. Drivers, make sure you have a valid email address on file and that you’re checking that inbox regularly. If you cannot do that, please check your DriverTech for messages from Don.

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As we continue to do our important work, we must remain steadfast about personal and safety so there are a few measure that have been put in place to keep all staff and the public at large safe.

It is imperative that you print and carry your travel letter. If you did not receive a copy please contact your fleet manager or other office personnel. This letter will allow you to continue to do your job with no penalty and minimal interruption in the wake of shut downs.

Please note that both the Lebanon and Strafford offices are closed to drivers, however the drivers lounges are still open and accessible. We are making sure that the drivers lounges are being sanitized daily, we encourage you to take additional measures to maximize safety like continuing to wash your hands and bring sanitizer of your own if you want to. We are asking that all drivers please do the following:

  • Immediately disinfect your truck and all services that you come into contact with daily. This means disinfect the dash, shifter and steering wheel daily.
  • Gloves I would highly recommend the use of gloves for fueling and any time you’re going to come into contact outside your truck.
  • Limit contact outside your truck at truck stops and shippers now is a good time to use those refrigerators and stock up on supplies to be self-sufficient.
  • Shop for supplies late evening or early morning when the stores are less likely to have others shopping.
  • Stay away from all driver lounges at any location until further notice.
  • Wash all clothing ASAP and separate as you wear them from clean clothes and wash weekly when possible.
  • Make sure you maintain good hygiene when washing your hands make sure you wash for at least 20 seconds and cover the entire hand once done wash face as well with soap and water.
  • Use Hand sanitizer often and again use on hands and around the mouth and nose area.
  • If you have a fever and any of the other symptoms notify your fleet manager they will help you with resources to contact to see if you need to test or self-quarantine.
  • Follow all guidelines of our vendors, customers and law enforcement.
All employees must report if they have any flu-like symptoms or illness. Also, if you have had contact with anyone that has contracted the virus, we must be notified. Please speak with your fleet manager or supervisor.


  • Greene County (Missouri) issues Stay at Home Order. All non-essential businesses closed. Employees must carry travel letter.
  • A new video address is being posted today with more information on policies and procedures.
  • We have begun having some of our Strafford staff work from home to allow people to work further apart within the office. We have taken measures to ensure everyone can work normally.
  • There are some time-saving and safety measures you can take at major truck stops and some tips from Comdata. Check “Tips” below for more information.
  • If you are doing business with Electrolux, they have detailed guidelines about how they’re handling contact with truck drivers. You can read that document here.


Video Messages from Don Christenson if listening/watching is your thing.


These are general tips that anyone can use to help them stay safe during this time.

Pilot/Flying J Tips

Pilot and Flying J locations are awesome resources for drivers looking for fuel for themselves and their vehicles. Here are some updates about the facility directly from the source.
  • All dining rooms are closed, takeout from the counter is available.
  • Self-serve food is closed; these are items like hot dogs; corn dogs; etc.
  • All deli pre-packaged food is available for drivers to purchase.
  • Fresh Cup policy – If drivers would like to use their own mug, we are asking them to use a new cup to transfer their coffee or a fountain drink from the machine into their own mug. They will ONLY be charged the refill price.
  • Select restaurants in the Flying J/Pilot network will close for overnight hours only. Understanding the importance for professional drivers to have food options, during these hours, please note that these restaurant overnight closures are at travel centers locations that have an additional food choice for drivers, which will remain open. For a detailed list of these locations, please contact your Pilot Flying J sales representative or visit
  • Pilot Company is focused on sanitization of our fuel pumps and pin pads, we wanted to remind you of our mobile app features. The app allows drivers to practice social distancing and healthy hygiene by using the mobile pay feature to reduce pin pad touches, reserve showers and receive notifications when their shower is ready. For more information on our app, please visit

The company has also rolled out a new Loyalty Program to show appreciation for drivers keeping the nation running.
Here are the details:
Ability to earn up to 4 points per gallon after 6 qualifying fills (A qualifying fill is 75+ diesel gallons in a single transaction)

  • First Fill = 1 Point Earned
  • Second Fill = 1.5 Points Earned
  • Third Fill = 2 Points Earned
  • Fourth Fill = 2.5 Points Earned
  • Fifth Fill = 3 Points Earned
  • Sixth Fill = 3.5 Points Earned
After the sixth fill Drivers will earn 4 Points for the remainder of the month.
Important Info:
  • Drivers MUST activate in App before fills will be registered
  • Drivers can only level up once per day
  • Program resets (and must be reactivated) each month

Comdata Tips

From Comdata:
  • With the Comdata OnRoad app, OnRoad cardholders can avoid having to go to the ATM or the bank, and can stop handling cash. Peer-to-peer transfers and the ability to write Comcheks are available through to app to help drivers make payments digitally.
  • Drivers can use their Comdata OnRoad Card to buy goods and services online, order food delivery to their truck, get groceries delivered or order curbside pickup, or even subscribe to Netflix or Hulu to help them stay safe inside their cabs.
  • By using your Comdata Card in the Cat Scale app, drivers never have to leave their trucks when getting weighed.
  • Comdata OneLook, our business analytics tool, can help fleet managers to track fuel and non-fuel spend, spot card misuse, uncover purchase anomalies, and help uncover fraud.
  • offers FAQ’s related to Hours of Service, Fuel Tax, Permits, and Trip and Fuel State Emergency Waivers – we are keeping track of all the actions the states and agencies are taking and have compiled them for you to easily access.
  • Merchant equipment users can use for alerts and troubleshooting of your SmartSite Fueling Terminals to reduce onsite personnel.