Driver Resources

This page is a spot for you to find important forms and helpful resources to help you succeed! Find the best places to get fuel, learn how to spot tire issues, apply to bring along a passenger and more!

Fuel Network | Forms | Tips & Best Practices

Christenson Fuel Network for Drivers

This page is your resource to forms and perks that you may need as a driver! Get a passenger on the truck, find a fuel discount and more!

Fuel Network

Download a PDF of our Fuel Network Info

Google Maps

Check out all of our fuel stops on Google Maps.

Christenson Accident Form

All accidents are reported to the Safety Department immediately to by filling out this form or sending an email to

Accident Form

Download the fillable form.

Online Accident Form

Fill out the online form.

Passenger Forms

Whether your passenger has two legs or four, you’ve got to fill out a form. These forms will ensure that your passenger has the proper insurance and meets safety requirements! The process is simple and your application will be processed as quickly as possible. For best results, gather your documents and information beforehand. Questions? Give us a call at 417-866-5993 ext. 2503.

Tips & Best Practices

Tire Tread Tips

Sometimes it’s tough to tell what’s going on with a tire. These PDFs from BF Goodrich will help you identify an issue, give you a probable cause, preventative measures and let you know if it’s safe to get back on the road. Click the links below for the type of tire you’re checking.

Trailer Tire Treads | Drive Tire Treads | Steer Tire Treads

Fuse Panel Protector

Hey Drivers! There’s a new quick step to add to your pre-trip routine. We’ve had this problem come up a few times where a box is not fully closed and it’s costing a lot of time and money. Check out this brief video from Barry McGowen on what to look for.