Company Drivers

At Christenson Transportation, we look for safe and stable drivers that care about creating their own success. If you are interested in the trucking industry and have a safe driving record, but are not quite ready to buy a tractor, Christenson can provide you with a truck and get you on the road with benefits and a guaranteed paycheck.

We work to make sure every driver we have (no matter the arrangement) is successful. We support you in your day-to-day lifestyle, understand the trucking challenges you face, and can assist with financials to help you establish good credit.

From day one, we provide all of our drivers with equal opportunity to have success on small or big scale. After a period of time, if you decide you want to join our team on a long-term basis, we offer flexible financing options along with deep discounts to help you get a head start on getting the truck of your dreams.

We offer Company positions for regional and OTR divisions. With health benefits, 401K and Insurance that is available to our drivers to choose from. We have great selection of trucks for our Company Drivers to choose from that will help get your miles and pay you need.

Roger Patrick
1 million miles ring

1 million miles ring