Pennsylvania Dedicated Fleet

Pennsylvania dedicated Fleet

Pennsylvania Dedicated Fleet

Our Pennsylvania fleet is a small group of drivers making dedicated deliveries out of York, PA. This fleet will primarily work in the Northeastern US and features a unique pay structure and schedule. Pennsylvania dedicated fleet members need to live within a few hours of York and meet our standard driver qualifications to qualify.


  • Must meet minimum Christenson Qualifications.
  • Must be based within ~130 miles or no more than two hours drive from York, PA.
  • Must be willing to drive to New York (Long Island).
  • Must be willing to drive in the Northeast.

What to Expect

  • 5.5 day work week – this does not guarantee weekends off.
  • 34 hour reset
  • Steady weekly pay with guaranteed miles!
    • Company drivers get a chance to earn a fuel bonus.
    • Compensation for mile overages for all drivers.
  • No fuel or toll costs for all drivers.
  • All deliveries beginning and ending in York.
  • No set routes so your weeks have variety!
  • The same quality equipment used for all drivers at Christenson.
    • Including leather seats, inverters, APUs, bunk heaters and more!
  • The same perks like Drivers’ Lounge access, pets and passengers.
  • Company Drivers have the same benefits options as well.


One of the most exciting aspects of this fleet is the guaranteed pay. This flat rate pay system ensures that you will receive a minimum amount of money each week with a chance for you to earn more if the miles allow.

The pay structure is broken down by position type: Company Driver & Lease Purchase/Owner Operator. While Company Drivers never have to pay fuel and tolls, this fleet extends that to Lease and Owner Operators no matter where your load may take you. While the pay is different in this fleet, the company benefits remain the same.

Please note that there is no personal conveyance pay. While Lease and Owner Operators are free to drive their rigs home, we will not provide fuel for these trips. The lot has plenty of parking available and we encourage you to use personal vehicles to travel to and from home.

Company Drivers

  • Guaranteed $1100 weekly pay for up to 1900 miles.
  • If driver exceeds 1900 miles in a given week, pay structure changes to $.58 per mile.
    • ex. Driver runs 2000 miles in one week. That driver’s pay would be $1160.
  • Drivers with a fuel economy of 7.25 MPG or above get an additional 2 cents per mile on all miles.
    • ex. Driver runs 1600 miles in one week and gets 7.5 MPG they get paid $1140.
    • ex. Driver runs 2000 miles in one week and gets 7.5 MPG they get paid $1200.
  • $15 for extra drops – excludes first and final load of each segment.
  • No detention pay.

Company Drivers for this fleet receive all of the same benefits as other Company Drivers. You can view Company Driver Benefit details here.

Lease-Purchase & Owner Operators

  • Guaranteed $2600 weekly pay for up to 2200 miles.
  • Driver earns $1.20 per mile over 2200 within a given week.
    • ex. Driver runs 2300 miles in one week. That driver’s pay would be $2720.
  • No fuel bonus.
  • $20 for extra drops – excludes first and final load of each segment.
  • No detention pay.
  • No fuel cost for driver.
  • No toll cost for driver anywhere in the US – tolls are billed weekly and reimbursed to the driver. There is a toll pass.

To learn more about our Lease Purchase program including financing information, click here. To learn more about Owner Operator details like maintenance assistance, click here.


Upon approval of your online application, you should receive a call from one of the Recruiters who will collect any missing information, schedule a drug screening, lock in a start date, and arrange transportation to your orientation.

Apply Here

PA Fleet drivers will receive the same quality orientation as all other Christenson drivers. Orientation takes place at our headquarters in Strafford, MO. It lasts 2-3 days and includes meeting your fleet manager and other staff, choosing your truck, signing any necessary paperwork, learning about safety, maintenance, and operations policies, and getting the things you need to get on the road.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we would love to review your application. Please submit your Intelliapp today and one of our wonderful recruiters will get in touch with you. If you have any additional questions please give us a call at 417-866-5993 and choose option one for Recruiting.