Lease Purchase

Leasing a quality tractor is easy and it’s the first step to becoming an owner-operator. At Christenson Transportation, we want to help our operators obtain and drive the truck of their dreams! If you’re ready to start your journey with Christenson, view our application here. Still, have questions? Contact our Recruiting department at 417-866-5993.


We have put together an affordable package that work wonderfully for drivers looking to take their career to the next level. With Christenson by your side, you’ll be in charge of your own financial future doing what it takes to reach your goals! So, if you’re ready to become a business owner and take on the challenges it entails, keep reading about how we partner with burgeoning entrepreneurs.

Partnering with Christenson gets you:

  • A great Peterbilt tractor.
  • Affordable financial support and leasing options
  • Access to vendor and company discounts
  • Average 2500 to 3200 miles a week
  • Well-established routes
  • Access to our long-term customer relationships
  • Fuel Discounts
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Warranty Discounts
  • Access to Insurance for Health, Dental, and Vision
  • Driver’s Legal Discount

Our Lease Purchase Program is one of the best! Alongside our selection of new and used trucks, we offer affordable financing arrangements, truck pricing discounts, vendor discounts on fuel, tires, parts, service, maintenance, and more. This is just one of the ways we work to make your job easier. Plus, we have some of the lowest turnover rates in the industry – over 25% of Christenson drivers and contractors have driven over one million miles with us! We have drivers reaching as high as three million solos and over four million in teams.

Lease Purchase Terms

  • No money down, no credit check lease.
  • 5 year (260 week) term on lease for brand new trucks. Inherited term for pre-leased trucks (ie: Someone has leased and paid down 100 weeks on a truck previously, new driver inherits that lease with only 160 weeks left to pay on that truck).
  • $3500 sign on bonus-$1000 paid in performance bond and $2500 paid as a discount on your first 33 weeks of truck payment.
  • Truck Payment (for used trucks) $710 (first 33 weeks, $910 for teams) and $785 ($985 for teams) per week after sign-on has been paid. Brand new trucks (full warranty) will run $775 for the first 33 weeks and then $850 for the remainder of the lease.
  • Weekly insurance premiums- $84 physical damage, $9 Bobtail, $40 occupational accident insurance deducted weekly.
  • 2290s – $550 taken at $55 per week for 10 weeks. Prorated when you start in the middle of a term. Christenson pays this for the driver after 2 renewals.
  • Plates – $1875 taken at $125 per week.
  • $45 per week – Driver administration fees: Covers e-log system (DriverTech), Transflow, and accounting fees
  • $0.07 per mile goes into maintenance account (used trucks) ($0.05 for brand new trucks), usable for all maintenance and repair items over $50. Caps at $10,000.
  • $7,500 balloon payment at the end of the term. WE HELP FINANCE THE BALLOON PAYMENT. We let you make weekly payments to pay it off, and also put it in the driver’s name with our lender and back it. It is guaranteed so the driver can also build his credit.

Let’s talk money

Our lease agreements require no money down and no credit check. We offer a $3500 sign-on bonus for solo drivers and a $4500 sign-on bonus for team drivers on OTR and regional Fleet. And it doesn’t stop there. Get the details on our lease agreements and pay packages for both regional and OTR drivers here.

Pay Packages

  • Starting Base pay $1.05 Per mile on loaded miles
  • Deadhead paid after the first 50 miles at $1.15 Per Mile
  • Fuel Surcharge paid on all loaded miles. 
    • FSC formula based on the pump price ABOVE $1.245 per gallon & averaged at 7.0 mpg fuel economy
  • Additional $.10 Per Mile (for a base rate of $1.15 Per Mile) East Coast pay.
    • for all loaded miles on loads which pick up AND deliver East of the Mississippi River
Additional Compensation:
  • Orientation/Transition Pay of $250.00
  • Paid on first check, after completion of orientation and first load.
  • Layover Pay of $250.00 per night
    • If not assigned a load by 5 pm the day after unloading.
  • Extra Pick-up or Drop pay of $65.00
    • Excludes first pick-up and first drop.
  • Detention Pay of $40.00 per hour
    • Begins 2 hours after correctly reporting on-time arrival for an appointment, not to exceed $250 daily. Detention on FCFS deliveries will be paid $20 per hour after correctly reporting arrival, not to exceed $125 daily.
  • Referral Bonus of $500.00 & name entered into the drawing to win $4,000.00 after every 5 referrals hired.
    • $500.00 paid in 2 payments. The first is $250.00 after delivery of the referral’s load. The second $250.00 is at the time of the $4,000.00 drawing.
Christenson Transportation “STAY PAY” (Longevity Pay).
    • Completion of year 1 – Receive $1,000, paid out $250 quarterly & beginning on the yearly anniversary.
    • Completion of year 2 – Receive $2,000, paid out $500 quarterly & beginning on the yearly anniversary.
    • Completion of year 3 – Receive $3,000, paid out $750 quarterly & beginning on the yearly anniversary.
    • Completion of year 4 & above – Receive $4,000, paid out $1,000 quarterly & beginning on the yearly anniversary.
Other Benefits and Perks:
  • $1,000.00 annually to cover fixed expenses during downtime.
    • Paid to the truck & available yearly on employment date.
    • Cannot be rolled over.
  • Pre-paid legal plan
    • 100% paid for by Christenson. No cost to the driver.
  • Discounts
    • Receive 100% of Christenson fuel discounts, fuel discounts averaged $.52 per gallon in 2020.
    • Tires & Maintenance.
  • Paid Tolls
    • Christenson pays all tolls.

Truck selection

Once your application is approved, you can choose from what we have available to lease.

All of our trucks feature Leather seats, APUs, inverters, bunk heaters, and refrigerators with most trucks featuring a double bunk

Truck availability is subject to change, please contact our Recruiting Department for the latest updates.

Finished your first lease, but have eyes for another truck? We’ll help you get the truck of your dreams – no problem! With some of the highest tenure in the industry, many of the owner-operators with Christenson Transportation are now on their third or fourth generation of equipment.

If you’re ready to start your journey with Christenson, view our application here. Still, have questions? Contact our Recruiting department at 417-866-5993.