Our Customers

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Christenson Transportation, Inc. is set apart by its unwavering dedication to customer service and satisfaction. To protect your high value freight, we offer the latest in satellite communications and GPS tracking as well as load securement utilizing enforcer locks on both the tractor and trailer.

Here are some of our services and key benefits experienced by our customers.

Rail Services

- Nashville TN area to Southern FL using the East Coast Railway

Crossdock & Storage Services

-Crossdock and Storage is available in the Lebanon, TN & Nashville, TN areas. 

Sudden Service
- Helps allow shippers to compete in markets formerly unreachable due to transit times.
- Lowers inventory required for manufacture or sale.
- Adds ability to react to market pricing changes with shorter shipment lead time.
- There is NO breakbulk or transloading of freight. It stays on the same trailers on which it is loaded so it arrives in the same order and condition as shipped.

International Shipments

- Pre-Arrival (PARS) Bar Code Label Service available for rapid border crossings and load control.
-Familiarity with border crossings and customs paperwork helps customer shipments speed smoothly through customs.
- Ship into and out of western and central Canada on a daily basis.

Extreme Capacity

- Our hi-cube 53′ x 102′ trailers are designed to haul the maximum cube available. These over-the-road Goliaths have 110′+ door openings and translucent roofs to make loading and unloading easier.
- 45,000 lb+ payloads allow customers to get the most out of their truckload dollar.
- Late-model, team-equipped road units can put up to 1,000 miles a day on a customer shipment.

Robert Barger reaches 1 Million Miles.

Congratulations to Robert Barger for reaching 1 Million Miles.